Download 3 Columns Template of Theater Room

Theater Room is a classic style Blogger template which features every design that you can see in a classic theater room, which is suitable for any kind of leisure blog. Converted from Blogger Styles, the Blogger template has very precise color and font definition installed, means you can change almost every font and color of the template!

Preview this template!

Tested Criteria:
  • Template Support Available
  • Compatible with IE7
  • Compatible with Firefox
  • Floating Content within post area
  • Auto adjustment within the post area
  • Proper Image Alignment
  • Proper Display of Commenting System
  • Proper Display of Links and Quick Editing
  • Proper Display of Blog Archive and Followers Gadget
Theme Author: Template Lite
Converted By: Blogger Styles
Download: Theater Room Template

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New blogger templates (XML) 3 columns: Minima White

These is free to download XML template which will work with the new blogger {blogger beta}. The name is 3 columns template "Minima White". They have a back link back to source page. You can remove it if your want.

How to download and install this template?

The simple steps:
  1. Single click download link above.
  2. Message box appeared, than click save to disk or save file.
  3. The template file was automatic saved on your desktop (web browser default) than login to your blog (, by insert your email and password.
  4. You will see the dashboard, click "layout".
  5. Click "Edit HTML".
  6. Upload a template from a file on your hard drive: click "browse"
  7. Select the file from desktop.
  8. Click "upload"
  9. It will appear "warning message".
  10. Just click "save changes".
It is done. Good luck!

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